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Sự khác biệt giữa AutoCAD Architecture và AutoCAD MEP

AutoCAD Architecture

·        2D drafting and documentation

·        3D modeling and collaboration

·        Specialized architectural tools


·        2D drafting and documentation

·        3D modeling and collaboration

·        Specialized building systems tools

Khả năng sử dụng

Support for common file formats
Multifunctional grips
Command line
Object and layer transparency
Tool palettes
Dynamic blocks
Sheet set manager/project manager
Parametric constraints
Smart Dimensioning
Enhanced PDFs
Sysvar monitor
File tabs
Express tools
Base, projected, section, and detail views
Data extraction to tables
Content Explorer
GPS integration
Detail components repository
Cost-estimating tools
Smart centerlines/center marks
New feature highlighting
In-canvas viewport controls

2D & 3D drafting, drawing, modeling

Stunning Visual Experience
Associative arrays
Conceptual design capabilities
Visual styles
Revision cloud enhancements
Import SKP files
Reality computing
Stairs, walls, and elevation design tools
MEP design tools
Clash and conflict detection
Improved 2D graphics (stability, fidelity & performance)
Improved 3D graphics (stability, fidelity & performance)

Khả năng kết nối

TrustedDWG™ technology
Import 3D models
DGN import/export/underlay
DWG™ convert
Geolocation coordinate system and online maps
3D Print Studio
Connect to third-party storage
Offline support
Design share
Reference Navisworks models
Coordination model object snap

Documentation & files

Easy-to-use interface
Support for CUI customization
Online license transfer utility
Secure load
Application Programming Interface
Autodesk Exchange Apps
Network licensing
Real-time cloud collaboration
Migration tool enhancements
Action recorder
CAD standards tools
Autodesk desktop app

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