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Những phiên bản của AutoCAD Civil 3D có gì khác biệt?

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017

Những phiên bản của AutoCAD Civil 3D có gì khác biệt?


AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016

Những phiên bản của AutoCAD Civil 3D có gì khác biệt?


AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015

Những phiên bản của AutoCAD Civil 3D có gì khác biệt?

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014

Những phiên bản của AutoCAD Civil 3D có gì khác biệt?

Khả năng sử dụng

Online map data
Pressure pipe content (enhanced)
Create feature lines without having to create a site

Quản lý dự án

Create pressure network data shortcuts and references
Create Vault projects at any level below the working folder
Vault support for pressure networks
Manage data shortcuts to repair broken shortcuts and replace DWG™ objects  
Display vault project objects that exist in subfolders within object type
Create data references to objects that exist in different vault projects  
Corridor data shortcut (DREF) (enhanced)  
Centralize management and improve enforcement of design standards  
Cache DREF surface  
Subfolders help organize model data  
Add multiple DREFs via simple drag-and-drop operations  

Collaboration and Data Exchange

Import pipes and civil roads from InfraWorks 360        
Export profile data to InfraWorks 360        
Save files and dependency files to A360        
Export data to KML and KMZ formats      
Data exchange between AutoCAD Civil 3D and InfraWorks 360      
Import and export IFC (Industry Foundation Class) files    
Enables user created property set definitions.  
Integrated roundabout workflows with InfraWorks 360  

Plan Production and Production Drafting

Add pressure networks to plan production sheets        
Save survey queries and open in survey query builder        
Export and import survey query files for reuse        

Point Clouds

Point cloud object        
Point cloud contextual user interface      
Support for point clouds processed in ReCap (.RCS, .RCP)      
Create surface from a point cloud      
Create AutoCAD solids from TIN surfaces      v

Alignments and Profiles

Free circular vertical curve, free parabolic vertical curve, additional options




Unlock and change constraint types of vertical curves      
Extend fixed and floating profile entities      
Options to control how layout profile geometry is anchored      
Projecting solids to profile view        

Corridor Modeling

Select the targets for a corridor from xrefs        
Extract corridor solids        
3D areas for corridors in quantity takeoff report      
Retain existing corridor targets when replacing a sub-assembly      
Corridor frequency options for curved portions of baselines and offsets      
Specify that sample lines are incremented      
Check sight distance        
New design criteria files        
Select alignments by layer to be used as width and targets    
Bring roundabouts into AutoCAD Civil 3D from InfraWorks 360  
Leverage the corridor for design of site features  
Model shapes at interior/exterior corners of a design  
Extract corridor Feature Line workflow  
Automates the association of property data to corridor solids  

Quantity and Material Analysis

Assign pay items to pressure network parts in parts list        
Manage material list and materials for sample line groups        

Section & Section Views

Create sections of projected AutoCAD solids        
Create sliced solids of pipe networks      
Control the direction of sections in section views    

Subassembly Composer

Offset geometry      
View target parameters in preview      
Apply AOR setting available for applying superelevation or cant to link      
Input/Output parameter types for applying superelevation      
Cant tab for viewing cant effect on a rail subassembly      
Loop geometry support    
Pressure Networks
Create pressure networks from objects        
Edit multiple pressure network parts in plan view by sliding or moving        
Edit multiple pressure network parts in profile view by slope or elevation        
Use the 3D plane compass setting to rotate the compass plane        
Use the rotate grip to rotate pressure fittings and appurtenances (model)        
Add pressure networks to section views        
Display crossing pipes in profile view        
Sort pressure network part list by size        
Create AutoCAD solids from pressure pipe networks      

Pipe Networks

Create AutoCAD solids from pipe networks      
Create exclusionary catchments    


Add pressure network pipe, fitting, and appurtenance tables        
Staggering corridor point code labels      
Object reference labels can be changed in the properties palette      
Control labeling reference text objects in the properties palette      
Crossing pipe and pressure pipe profile view labels    
Pressure pipe labels in section views